Tips for staying cyber safe this summer

July 04, 2019

Whether relaxing by the water, touring historic sites or living it up at a holiday hotspot, it can be fun to share vacation experiences with friends and family via social media or email. Bringing our electronic devices on the trip, however, comes with its own kind of cyber-based threats.

Tips to help keep you cyber safe when travelling:

  • Use a password on your device.
  • Disable your wireless (WiFi) connection when not in use and only use secure WiFi connections.
  • Look into whether or not your smartphone can be locked remotely (i.e. through a cloud-based program that offers self-locating options and anti-theft software).
  • Avoid charging your phone on computers or devices not your own, such as courtesy docking stations, as malicious software could be transferred when your device is connected.
  • Don’t leave mobile devices unattended in hotel lobbies, coffee shops, etc.
  • When leaving hotel rooms, lock devices away in the hotel safe.
  • Pack only essential ID, credit and debit cards, and only use secure ATMs.
  • Familiarize yourself with the international laws and regulations on digital information if travelling to another country. Laws vary.
  • Research data roaming plans available through your Canadian wireless provider ahead of time and check your bill when you get home!
  • Avoid sharing detailed information about your trip over social media. Wait until you’re back home.

For more information, visit the Government of Canada’s cyber security while travelling webpage.