Insured benefits after retirement

In this subsection

This subsection provides general information about post-retirement insured benefits and includes these topics:

What are insured benefits?

The Government of Ontario provides eligible PSPP pensioners and their eligible spouses and eligible dependents with insured benefits coverage through Great West Life (GWL) Policy No. 157836. This includes:

  • Supplementary health and hospital coverage (SH&H)
  • Vision and hearing aid coverage
  • Dental care, and
  • Life insurance (basic and supplementary).

Some benefits require a nominal premium payment from the pensioner. If this applies,
OPB deducts the premiums, as required, and remits them to the insurance carrier. 

Important: Some groups of PSPP pensioners have insured benefits coverage issued through their employers or associations (e.g. OPPA, GO Transit) and are covered under a policy that differs from GWL Policy No. 157836. Members who are eligible for insured benefits coverage under a different policy or contract should contact their employer or association.

Who is eligible?

The conditions for eligibility for most PSPP pensioners are summarized in the Ministry of Government Services (MGS) booklet A Guide to Your Benefits After Retirement (PDF).

Pensioners in receipt of dual pension payments from the PSPP and the OPSEU Pension Plan are deemed eligible for insured benefits coverage if the combined pension credit from both plans satisfies the eligibility criteria.

Important: Please refer to the Ministry of Government Services (MGS) booklet A Guide to Your Benefits After Retirement (PDF), which is available directly from OPB and is included in the pensioner's retirement package, for eligibility and coverage details.

Who does what?

OPB is NOT the administrator of these insured benefits policies, as it is with the PSPP. This table describes the roles, responsibilities and contact information for the administration of insured benefits through GWL Policy No. 157836 only.

Who Does What
Great West Life Assurance Company (GWL)

London Benefits Payments
P.O. Box 5111, Station "B"
London, ON N6A 0C5

Toll Free: 1-800-874-5899
TTY Line - available for the deaf or hard of hearing 
Toll Free: 1-800-990-6654

Link to GWL web site:
  • Administers the insured benefits policy.
  • Responds to pensioners' questions and all issues related to claims reimbursement and coverage for a particular medical service or supply.
  • Pays eligible claims and eligible life insurance.
Ministry of Government Services (MGS)

For appeals only:
The Secretary, 
Insurance Appeals Committee
Benefits Policy, Human Resources Division
Ferguson Block, 13thFloor
77 Wellesley Street, West
Toronto, ON M7A 1N3

Ontario Pension Board
Pensioner Services
200 King Street West
Suite 2200
Toronto, ON M5H 3X6

Telephone: 416-364-8558 
Toll Free: 1-800-668-6203
  • Deducts and remits the premiums to GWL for
    • Supplementary Life Insurance, and
    • Vision/Hearing Aid Coverage.
  • Provides forms at retirement and upon request by retirees and survivors.
  • Provides replacements of Group Insurance Benefit cards.
  • Provides members wth the booklet, A Guide to Your Benefits After Retirement (PDF), as part of the pensioner's retirement package.
  • Refers enquiries about benefit coverage to GWL.
PSPP Employer Refers pensioners and surviving spouses to GWL for assistance concerning 
  • payment of eligible claims
  • general claims inquiries
  • details concerning benefits coverage
PSPP Pensioner
  • Submits all claims directly to GWL.
  • Submits appeals concerning insured benefits directly to MGS.
  • Notifies OPB with regard to any change of coverage.
Note: If the member calls GWL directly, the member must provide GWL Policy Number AND the member's PSPP Client Number for identification.

Effective and ending dates of coverage

This table summarizes the effective start and end dates for supplementary health and hospital, vision care, dental care and hearing aids.

Date Description
Effective date for coverage
  • The first day of the month the member is entitled to receive a pension payment, or
  • The first of the month coinciding with or following the date pension payments begin for members who have
    • terminated employment and
    • deferred the start of pension payments.
Ending date for member or dependents
  • Date of death of the pensioner, or
  • Suspension of pension due to re-employment and PSPP re-enrolment of a pensioner.
Ending date for surviving spouse in receipt of a pension from the PSPP
  • Date of death of the surviving spouse.
Ending date for a dependent child in receipt of a pension from the PSPP
  • The date the child is no longer considered to be a dependent child, or
  • The date of death of the dependent child.