Did you know?

8.6% – Our long-term rate of return since OPB started in 1990. This shows our ability to deliver investment returns to pay the pension we promise to our members.

43,636 – The Plan is comprised of certain employees from ministries, agencies, boards and commissions of the Government of Ontario.

$26.5 billion – OPB’s assets under management have grown to $26.5 billion. The PSPP is one of the largest public pension funds in Canada.

37,766 – Over the past five years, OPB has paid inflation-indexed pensions to 37,766 retired members.

97% – With an investment return of 10.8% in 2017, OPB’s funded status is approximately 97%.

Top 2 – Global benchmarking organization CEM recently ranked OPB #2 in Canadian pension plans – and fourth out of 70 plans globally.

8.7/10 – Our member satisfaction score.

3,272 – Our advisors met 1-on-1 with more than 3,272 members in 2018 to help them build stronger futures.

103 – We conducted 103 member presentations in 2018.

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Our licensed Client Service Advisors don't just offer pension advice, they also help you grasp how your pension fits into your overall financial picture.

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Annual reports

Learn about OPB's annual investment performance and other corporate highlights in the Annual Report.

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