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Welcome to the Ontario Pension Board website. The OPB website is intended for general information purposes only and for your personal, non-commercial use. OPB reserves the right to make changes or to temporarily or permanently disable this website without notice. OPB reserves the right to change the terms of use of this website without notice.

The following series of questions and answers set out the additional terms of your use of this website and its content.

May I make decisions affecting my pension based solely on the information in this website?

No. This website does not provide specific investment, financial, tax or legal advice. In addition, the information in this website is summary in nature. Your particular circumstances and the specific provisions of the Public Service Pension Plan (the "Plan"), the Pension Benefits Act and the Income Tax Act govern your entitlement from the Plan. You need that specific information concerning your entitlement before you make any decisions affecting your pension. You should contact OPB directly for confirmation of your entitlement. You should also consult appropriate professional advisors before making any decision. Your pension may be one of your largest assets and you should take great care before taking any actions that may affect your pension. If you choose to take action affecting your pension without going through these steps, you do so at your own risk.

Does OPB endorse third party websites, products or services linked or referred to in the OPB website?

No. OPB cannot control the content of any third-party website linked to this site. Therefore, OPB is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on those sites. A link to a third-party website is not an endorsement or approval by OPB of the organization that operates the site or for the content of any third party site or for any products or services offered by any third party.

What are OPB's information practices in connection with this website?

OPB does not gather personal information about website visitors. However, general, non-personal information may be gathered in an aggregate format for purposes of monitoring usage patterns and to continually enhance this website for our visitors. This statistical information may be disclosed to third parties at the discretion of the OPB.

What is OPB's security policy?

Communication by e-mail may not be secure. OPB cannot accept any responsibility for the interception, alteration or loss of information if you choose to communicate with us via e-mail. We do not ask users to confirm or release personal information to us via e-mail.

What are the restrictions on my use of the information in this website?

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