No. 69

Effective February 4, 2002

To welcome members and to introduce Ontario Pension Board (OPB) as the administrator of the Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP), we are now distributing 'Enrolment Packages' to all new members of the plan. Each package contains:

  • A letter confirming the member's personal and employment information
  • A letter from the President of Ontario Pension Board
  • Our member guide, 'Planning Today for Tomorrow'
  • The Time of your Life' (OPB 1059) - a timeline that sets out the benefits and options available during plan membership
  • 'Purchasing Pension Credit' booklet and an Application to Purchase Pension Credit (OPB 1043)
  • 'Transferring Pension Credit into the PSPP' (OPB 8003) and an Application to Transfer Pension Credit (OPB 1058)
  • A Beneficiary Designation Form (OPB 1015)

We started mailing out enrolment packages on February 4, 2002

The advantage for employers

With these packages, employers are no longer required to provide new members with a guide or the documents needed to apply for a purchase or transfer of pension credit. This will be handled by OPB once you have forwarded to us the member's enrolment form with supporting documents.

As always, we would appreciate receiving the required enrolment documents as quickly as possible.