Continued insured medical benefits coverage in retirement can offer you a level of comfort knowing that you, your spouse and eligible dependents will be properly protected and cared for.

If you meet certain eligibility criteria, you may receive certain insured medical benefits in retirement.

Eligibility and coverage

The eligibility requirements for insured benefits coverage and available coverage depends on your employer, bargaining agent, length of service/pension credit, retirement date and other criteria.

Please choose from the following list to view the eligibility requirements, coverage, and premiums (if applicable) that apply to you:


Important: If you are a retired PSPP member and you have insured benefits coverage through your former employer or association (e.g., GO Transit), you are covered under a separate policy and you should contact your employer or association for more information.

Optional health coverage

The Government of Ontario offers an optional upgrade package (OUP) that provides additional benefits to eligible retired members.

To learn more about the optional upgrade package features, check out our pamphlet (PDF) and fact sheet (PDF).


Premiums for insured benefit coverage (where applicable) and optional upgrade packages are paid through a deduction from your pension. If you do not have enough after-tax pension funds to pay for the premiums at retirement, or at any time after retirement, you will not be eligible to enrol or continue coverage. 

Coverage and claim information

To submit a claim to Canada Life for reimbursement, please submit it online on the Canada Life GroupNet portal(opens in a new tab). You can also complete the form we sent you with your Confirmation Statement when you retired and send it to Canada Life directly for processing.

If you would like additional claims forms, you can download them or contact Canada Life at 1-800-874-5899. 


If you have any questions about your coverage and claims, please contact Canada Life toll-free at 1-800-874-5899 or visit their website at in a new tab). Please use your OPB Client ID when you are dealing with Canada Life as that is the number they will use to identify you.

Improvements to Canada Life Legacy Plan coverages

The Government of Ontario has announced an increase in coverage for services of a psychologist and other paramedical practitioners.

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