No. 57

Effective June 28, 2000

On July 4, 2000, the attached Pension Bulletins #4 and #5 will be mailed to members of the Public Service Pension Plan.

Bulletin #4 was created in response to information we received that members of our plan were being 'targeted' by a financial planner. This individual presented a seminar on the 'OPSEU/AMAPCEO/SMG Pension Plan', which was brought to Management Board Secretariat's attention by a member who thought it was sponsored by the Ontario Pension Board (OPB). In this Bulletin we ask members to contact staff at the OPB if they have any questions about their pension plan. We also advise that OPB staff do present information sessions on a number of pension plan topics. (Sessions are about one hour in length.) Members should advise their office of the topics of interest. If your employees would like to attend an information session, call Richard Ashmore at 416-601-3957. Please indicate the topics of interest, the location, and provide at least two tentative dates for the session.

Bulletin #5 was created in response to the Financial Services Commission of Ontario's changes to the Waiver of Pre-retirement Death Benefit (Form 4): namely, that a spouse can now cancel the waiver any time before the member's death.