As a retired member of the PSPP, you have access to valuable features online with e-services – a quick and easy way to update your personal information. Below are some important personal items you should keep updated.

Mailing address, telephone and email

We will mail information to the address we have on file for you, so it’s important to verify that your contact information is correct. Your address updates are effective as soon as you submit them online.

Beneficiaries and spousal status

It’s a good idea to regularly review your beneficiary designations to ensure they are current. It’s especially important to let us know if you’ve ended or started a new spousal relationship.

If you need to update your spousal status, please send us a OPB1004 – Retired Member Information Change (PDF) form.

You can update your other pension beneficiaries through your e-services account at any time.

If you’re interested in updating your life insurance beneficiaries, please send us a OPB1060 – Designating Life Insurance Beneficiaries (PDF) form.

Managing your account

You can sign up for e-alerts to receive important updates from us, and can make changes to your profile when needed. If you need to go back and look at your past e-services activity, you can do so for each of the last 18 months or for the last 30 activities. 

If you haven’t already registered for e-services(opens in a new tab), go to our website and follow the steps online.