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This page details what needs to happen to

  • update any change in a member's position or employment status
  • correct any misdirected contributions.

It includes these topics:

What employers must do

Employers must update any changes to the member's position or employment status via payroll interface or manual/tape submissions. These changes include

  • relevant position
  • salary, including retroactive salary details
  • contribution data, and
  • leaves of absence.

Employment changes affecting bargaining unit representation

Employers must do the following when members change

  • from any OPSEU position to a non-bargaining position, or
  • from a non-bargaining unit position to any OPSEU position
The employer must... On this date:
stop remitting contributions on behalf of the member. the date of change in status.
direct all future contribution remittances and related pension information to the appropriate pension plan. after the date of change in status.

Misdirected contributions

Contributions may be mistakenly remitted to OPB instead of OPTrust or vise-versa when

  • employees change employment status in the middle of a pay period, or
  • there is an error in Member Affiliation Status
  • Example: The employment status is inadvertently set to
    • a non-OPSEU employment affiliation status
    • rather than an OPSEU affiliation status.

OPB will return contributions misdirected to the PSPP to the employer. As OPB does not settle misdirected contributions with OPSEU Pension Trust directly, employers must ensure that amounts owed to the PSPP are correcty remitted.